About us

Unicorn Cafe established in 2012.We started selling handmade unicorn product online via Instagram and Facebook 
We opened our shop in 2013. We wanted our customers to see and come to choose our handmade unicorn assessories products in the shop and also take photos in the shop where we decorated all over with unicorn wallpapers that we draw up all new and designed it all by ourselves especially for this cafe. To support the growing number of customers,we expanded our cafe to Zone A in 2015.We expanded again with new decorations to Zone B in 2017.
Unicorn Cafe inspried by the passion for Unicorn and an owner was born in the year of the horse.
We really want to give our customer who get the service feel back to a child again.
That's why we created the menu like coming out of the cartoons in all drinks,food and sweets.
Unicorn Cafe has one branch and only in Thailand,Sathorn 8 Bangkok.
No Branch, No Franchise since 2012.








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